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Illuminated Neon Signs Melbourne

Stand out from the crowd, with remarkable illuminated signage in Melbourne

It is a crowded market out there, and businesses are doing all they can to attract the right attention from their customers. This is even more prominent in retail establishments, with different businesses employing different tactics to garner their customer’s attention – from signage, store décor, music, salesmen, discounts and more. This just goes on to show that standing out in the clutter can be extremely challenging, and therefore, it makes business sense to invest in the right kind of signage for your business.

Illuminated signs show the way…

Illuminated signs are some of the best options for signage today, especially if you are in a commercial city like Melbourne. The reason they work better than regular, traditional signs is the fact that they stand out from the rest, day and night. These are a great way to establish your presence in your surroundings, in the way you want to.

The different types of illuminated signs you can choose from

We offer a wide range of illuminated signage options, including illuminated neon signs for businesses in Melbourne.

  • Traditional Lightboxes

If you want your business to be noticed all through the day and night, choosing an illuminated lightbox will do the job. These can be placed almost anywhere and are easy to fit.

  • Extrusion Lightboxes

These are quite a hit with businesses who like to keep modifying the signage, and allows for multiple uses of the stretch fabric banners and replaceable vinyl skins.

  • LED Signage with fabricated letters

This is one of our most popular options we see when it comes to illuminated signage in Melbourne, with internally illuminated letters fabricated in acrylic or aluminium, and energy saving LED lights.

  • Customized Neon Signs

These are vivid, colourful and attractive, just what your business needs to attract the attention it deserves in Melbourne!What works better is you can design these in practically any way you want, leaving you with a larger room for innovating.

Why choose us for illuminated signage in Melbourne?

At J.C. Signwriters, we have spent over three decades in helping businesses stand out with innovative, affordable and effective signage solutions. Our work has earned us strong reputation in both the business world as well as the entertainment industry.

Our experience has armed us with the industry knowledge, skills and confidence to create the best illuminated signs for your business. We are adept at using the latest technology to create high visibility and high impact illuminated neon signs in Melbourne. We are known for our excellent customer service, which is brought alive by the fact that most of our