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3D, Neon, LED, Illuminated Signage

3D, Neon, LED, Illuminated Signage

3D Lettering

3D lettering gives a great look to any store, building or sign. Many types of letters are manufactured by JC Signwriters. Metal letters, vacuum formed plastic letters, moulded plastic letters and metallic effect letters are all very popular.

This form of signage is long lasting, efficient and mixes well with other different forms of signage.

Illuminated & Neon Signs

Many businesses miss out on vital exposure at night. With the ever increasing traffic flow, having a neon sign or lightbox installed is a great way to achieve maximum exposure.

We, at JC Signwriters can design artwork to be placed on any lightbox, ranging from digital prints, banner material or vinyl cut lettering. Neon Signs add the ultimate touch to any business and they have endless options.

JC Signwriters Delivering Illuminated Signage For Advertising & Marketing In Melbourne

Numerous signs are available for host of reasons and illuminated signs are but one category of signage. One definite advantage of illuminated signs is their ability to project your message intensely and in an extremely visible manner.

Types of illuminated signage offered by JC Signwriters

Illuminated signs are basically of three types- LED, Neon and Fluorescent. The most recent ones are LED types which are claimed to be the most effective and own a lowest running cost.  Great and effective strides have been witnessed in development of this technology lately and its application is persistently broadening and performance keeps on increasing.

LED signs can be easily discovered for use as miscellaneous as plain open signs, scrolling message signs as well as illuminated boards that can be easily written on with the help of a fluorescent chalk marker pen, hence passing on any message that you desire to convey.

A transitory list of the types accessible is as follows:

Direction signs and signs including information like open; house name/ number signs; scrolling moving message signs; light-up advertising mirror signs; create-a-message signs that can be easily written up; illuminated window menus; signs that enfold and existing ceiling light which is typically used for illumination; window posters that are back-lit by an ultra-thin element.

Most of these signs make use of photographic film which can be written upon, so that any artwork design you prefer and like can be professionally designed and integrated in the sign.

Have a long walk at night at any high street in Melbourne, you’ll discover hundreds of illustrations of illuminated signs covering the walls and windows of the shops and offices. So as to get noticed in the present day it is almost mandatory to own your commercial information illuminated boldly, in order to gain customer attention.

Though major cities have their commercial centres covered with large moving and flashing signs all competing for attention, there’s huge development in the number of smaller signs being exhibited.

JC Signwriters avail you with a wide variety of signs and signage. We at JC Signwriters feel proud to supply all the required signs, the artwork design and the printing.

How can custom signage help you stand out in the crowd?

Well, you must have the much needed information- your name and what you do, perhaps hours of operation and a contact number. There’s just few seconds to take in your custom 3d sign. After deciding what contrasting colours and typefaces to use on your custom 3d, LED and Neon sign, think of using one additional colour. Marketing studies reveal that two colours on a background boosts reader holding by nearly 78%. But watch out for too many colours encumbering your sign!

It’s also good to incorporate a graphic on your sign, if viable. Graphics add more interest to your custom business sign, make it unforgettable, and help establish your brand.

At JC Signwriters, we professionally supply Melbourne businesses with traditional signage, neon, LED, 3d, digital and custom signage.

Why choose JC Signwriters?

We at JC Signwriters specialise in designing custom signage solutions for a wide variety of reasons and needs, fabricating a host of illuminated signs for businesses throughout Melbourne. Our professional team of designers, fabricators and installers are conversant in all areas of signage. With the help of this shared knowledge, we work closely with your business from concept all through to the completion, delivering dynamic signs that are vibrant, effectual and enduring.

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No matter whether you’re introducing a retail store or require a new sign for your business, signage is a perfect way to magnetize attention and promote your business. For more information, contact us or to acquire a quote for signs in Melbourne, log on to,